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BBEA received six donations for the month of June 2019. We appreciate your prayers and your donations to keep this ministry of the Lord’s continuing.

We continue to send out materials weekly. In June 2019, we sent out 5,995 tracts, 4 posters, and 140 postcards. 32% of our June sales were from the website, www.bbea.org. The other 68% of June sales came from mail and telephone orders.

A few months ago, we were able to obtain translation of A Bible Map tract into the Swahilli language with the help of Bro. Victor Seraya. He and fellow Christians in America have translated and printed 10,000 copies along with Swahilli Bibles and other materials. They plan to conduct meetings for pastors and other church leaders in four cities in the countries of Congo (Central Africa) and Tanzania (East Africa) in August. Bro. Victor Seraya speaks five languages and has served our Lord Jesus Christ for many years. They will appreciate your prayers for these August meetings.

Thank You and God Bless,
The Galyean Family





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