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We pray that each of you are having a Happy New Year so far. BBEA received seven donations for the first month of 2019. We praise the Lord for the 16 faithful donors in the 2018 year, whom over half of them gave multiple times throughout the 2018 year. We appreciate your prayers and your donations to keep this tract ministry of the Lord’s continuing. As you know, we offer FREE Sample Packs on our website, www.bbea.org. The average postage to mail a FREE Sample pack is $1.75, so your donations help make this possible.

We continue to send out materials weekly. In January 2019, we sent out 6 CD’s, 4,040 tracts, 1 Bible Map chart, 1 English Projection For Survival DVD, a 3 Point Plan shirt and 221 Rapture picture products. 19% of our sales last month were from the website, www.bbea.org. The other 81% of sales last month came from mail and telephone orders.

You can follow us on Facebook (Bible Believers’ Evangelistic Association, Inc.) and Instagram (b_b_e_a) to see when material is being shipped out.

Our offices will be closed February 25 through March 8 so please plan any orders accordingly. We will be in Guatemala for Matt some dental work, as well as, some witnessing opportunities.

Thank You and God Bless,
The Galyean Family



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