If you enjoy encouraging other Christians, please read the attached 1 page letter, "What will follow you into Heaven?" You are welcome to forward it, save it and print it for others. May God bless you as you encourage other believers for their JOY and our Lord's glory.



Here is another way virtually all of us can glorfy Christ as we mail letters, pay bills, etc. in envelopes. It would be good for you to PRINT these instructions...

You can freely download a master sheet of Mailing Labels at the link below. It is in Microsoft WORD. It will download for you if you have WORD on your computer but be patient, it may take a few seconds. When downloaded to your computer, we suggest you SAVE that file for easy use now and later or to share with others.

Print them on standard Avery 5160 Adhesive Maling Labels. Place them over the seal on the back of envelopes you mail. Most people turn envelopes over to cut them open and they'll probably read this label. The Holy Spirit can use the powerul words of the Lord Jesus Christ in John 14:6 to speak to them. They may not be able to get the question out of their minds until they trust Christ 100% for their salvation.

Remember, we suggest you SAVE the Master Sheet below. Then you can easily print more anytime you want them and share them with others.


Click HERE for Scripture Labels



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