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BBEA received seven donations for the month of March. We appreciate your prayers and your donations to keep this tract ministry of the Lord’s continuing.

We continue to send out materials weekly. In March 2019, we sent out 2,178 tracts, 1 large Bible Map chart, 1 each of the Battle Map, Tribulation Map and Bible Map posters, 118 Rapture picture products. 34% of our March sales were from the website, www.bbea.org. The other 66% of sales last month came from mail and telephone orders.

In late February/early March, we had the opportunity to go to Guatemala and share tracts while in that country. This was Matts’ first and Angela’s third time out of the United States. What a blessing it is to live in the United States of America. We take so much for granted. We all know that the United States are not perfect, but we do need to appreciate what we have daily and thank the Lord that we all live where we do.

While in Guatemala, we did get to hand out and leave some Bible tracts. We found two opportunities that we can donate some material to. The ironic thing about them is that both ministries are based not too far from our home here in East Texas. One is in McKinney, Texas and the other is in Oklahoma. Both of theses ministries work with villages, at the base of volcanoes, building small houses. One of these ministries even provides medical services to the villages.

Please pray for these ministries as they work with the local village people in Guatemala. We are looking forward to sending Spanish material over there.

We are planning to go back to Guatemala in February 2020. We will be a little more knowledgeable of the area and what to expect on this future trip. Thank you for your prayers.

Thank You and God Bless,
The Galyean Family



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