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This is an 8 x 14 inch full color tract. It's written so it can be used both now and after the Rapture with no changes. For example, "If world panic and confusion has occurred due to millions of people suddenly and mysteriously disappearing, this will explain WHAT has happened. The event referred to as the "RAPTURE" came AND YOU WERE LEFT. First, let's understand has happened. Next, we'll see what will happen to you during the Tribulation Judgment..." GOOD NEWS is on the back of the Tribulation Map tract... how people may still be able to AVOID this coming judgment, by salvation NOW before the Rapture and Tribulation.

A full color RAPTURE PICTURE is also featured inside the Tribulation Map. It shows the dead and living IN CHRIST being "caught up" (snatched away, Raptured). With pilots and drivers suddenly taken in the "twinkling of an eye" a plane and cars are shown crashing. Saved people are shown being resurrected, unsaved people left. This tract and picture are POWERFUL witnessing tools.

This full color RAPTURE PICTURE can be ordered in 2 different sizes:
1. 11 x 14 inch prints
2. 22 x 28 inch prints
(Both prints are standard frame sizes).

The chart inside the tract shows the 3 sets of 7 Tribulation Judgments coming. Below the chart, each judgment is listed, described and their Scripture references are given.

Please note: The following quantities are priced EACH for any quantity of a single title for automatic web order calculations. This tract comes from the printer in shrink wrapped packages of 100. The quantity prices are $35 per hundred or $330 per thousand. Orders for 1,000 or more may be mixed with any shrink wrapped 100 packs or your choice, English and/or Spanish. We can’t automatically mix these 1,000 or more orders on the web page, so please call us if you want the savings on 1,000 or more, mixed by 100 packs. Our office phone number is at the bottom of the Home Page.

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