Projection for Survival DVD

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This DVD Video is produced with 500 pages visuals, text and Scriptures in five sections as shown below. They are widely used for Bible teaching and evangelism and are NARRATED in English or Spanish. There are broad applications almost anywhere a DVD player and TV can be used such as S.S. and other Church and Home Bible Classes. With a DVD player connected to a Video Projector, they can be seen and heard in churches and other large groups. Loan or give them for evangelism and gifts. They can be used on English speaking mission fields that use the NTSC format TV and video equipment. The NTSC format is used in North and Central America, the Philippines, South Korea and Japan. (Not in foreign countries that use the PAL and SECAM formats.) More than 20,000 of these DVD Videos have been produced for ministry use for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. They are now available at reduced quantity prices for even greater ministry outreach.

Total Video time is 95 minutes. From the Menu, View ALL or start with your choice of any of the five Sections:

Section 1 gives an overview of "God's Plan of the Ages" then shows visuals about major Old Testament events from Creation to the Cross which are foundation for our Christian faith. (Video time: 18 min.)

Section 2 shows key events from the Cross of Christ to His 2nd Coming in glory. This includes the time we are now living in and shows visuals about many future events coming on this earth. (Video time: 20 min.)

Section 3 shows future events from Christ's 2nd Coming to Eternity Future with visuals about the final judgments, Heaven, Hell and some GOOD NEWS (Video time: 22 min.)

Section 4 shows how we can make sure of Heaven. What a JOY to KNOW with PROOF that our eternal home will be in Heaven. We show that PROOF. (Video time: 17 min.)

Section 5 is about our Christian Life after Salvation. This section has visual illustrations and practical tips to help us have God's VERY BEST for us in our present LIFE on this earth until we "graduate to Heaven." (Video time: 18 min.)

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The above full color chart type "Map" tracts and pictures are highly detailed visual items and only available in printed form. They can be ordered sent only to USA addresses (due to customs and postal regulations, shipping costs, etc.).


The following tracts and documents for free downloading worldwide are in PDF format which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you don't have it, it's a free download. Then you can automatically read the very popular PDF documents from many sources.  http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

Each tract below is on two pages, the back side (Title Page) and the Inside page. To print these tracts back to back on one sheet of paper, place your curser on the page you want to print first, choose File, Print, Current View. After printing that page, reinsert that printed page into your printer. Move your cursor to the other page, choose File, Print, Current View. You can a print a quantity of one side at one time, then reinsert those pages and print the second side on all of them at one time. Experiment with YOUR printer to determine which way you have to insert the second page so it prints correctly.

Being in PDF format, your commercial printer should be able to download and use these files for printing for you. They may need to trim the outside margins so they will fold correctly within the margins between the columns. You are welcome to have your printer add your name or church contact information on these tracts.

If you or your printer have any questions about the FREE downloading or use of these tracts, Contact Me

To easily find each side of these tracts after you download them, we suggest you choose "Save", to "Desktop." Then go to the tract Icons on your "Desktop" and double left click (or right click, OPEN) to read and print the tracts. You will notice the back side (Title Page) is saved first, then scroll down for the Inside Page, which should be read first.

Larger Tri-Fold Tracts (8 x 10 ½ inches trimmed, Tri-Fold to 8 x 3 ½ inches)

  1. A Gift For You. PDF
  2. Why Did Christ Die? PDF
  3. Clay in the Potter's Hands. PDF
  4. Computers, Good or Bad? PDF
  5. Life after Divorce or Death PDF
  6. Welcome to Our Community PDF
  7. How to be LOVED and Happy. PDF
  8. What would be your Ultimate TRIP? PDF
  9. 100 Years From Now, What Will Matter Most? PDF
  10. Candy - A motorcycle Story Plus Good News. PDF

Smaller, Single-Fold Tracts (5 ½ x 7 inches trimmed, Single-Fold to 5 ½ x 3 ½ inches)

  1. Are You Ready? PDF
  2. Survival Instructions. PDF
  3. What is Most Important To YOU? PDF
  4. Why Has the Lord Been So Good to YOU? PDF
  5. Will a Loving God REALLY Cast People Into Hell? PDF

Other Publications

  1. The Blood PDF
  2. Dad, May I go - Please? PDF
  3. Interesting Points about the Rapture Picture PDF
  4. The Joy of Planting the Seed of God's Word PDF
  5. How do we know that the Bible is the Literal Truth? (By Steve Gurko) PDF
  6. Israel: Prophecy and Fulfillment - Absolute Proof that the Bible is the Word of God. (By Steve Gurko) PDF
  7. Israel: Prophecy and Fulfillment (continued) - What's Happening Now, What to Expect and How to React. (By Steve Gurko) PDF
  8. Tract Display Cases Information Sheet PDF
  9. Pat's Letters from Heaven PDF
  10. This is the Beginning of a New Day PDF
  11. The Bible Map Quiz (English) PDF
  12. The Bible Map Quiz (Spanish) PDF
  13. What will follow you into Heaven? Encouraging thoughts for you by Leon Bates PDF